Neo-nazis are many things, cowards included. And cowards probably shouldn't summon the god of war on their behalf...
Former working title: Mangina Dentata
An alpha wolf may be a dangerous predator, but he's not guaranteed to be at the top of all food chains.
Being born again as a son of War.
Today is 8/8 and somebody's going to get ate. Happy Vore Day!
Sometimes life is awful. Sometimes you get a chance to return the awful to sender.
A story about identity, surrealism, and gardening.
Working the night shift is hard enough without a crazy would-be vampire attacking.
Aka. HFY stories, aka. The Dizzyverse, aka. Human children are weird.
Sometimes the only way out of madness is through the heart of it. A Hades story.
A T4T story featuring furry felines, D/s, and spanking kink. And sex. Can't forget the sex.
A unicorn is the most perfect being imaginable, but perfection can be a lonely place.
Magic, shape-shifters, slavery, vampires, and shockingly heterosexual romance.
Matt's feelings for Ethan are forbidden twice over, but Ethan isn't going to let that stop him.
Andrew is a muntjack, a deer-like herbivore. Then he's bitten by a vampire, and his world is turned upside down.